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How to help your baby Crawl/sit

How to help your baby Crawl/sit

The process of learning to crawl is actually pretty complex. Try these tips to support your baby as they explore movement through crawling.
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zainab - January 22, 2020

Try to avoid Baby walkers,
Not only are they potentially dangerous, they limit practice time on the floor learning to crawl. Walkers can also hamper muscle development.

zainab mudassir - January 22, 2020

Encourage your baby to reach for the toys she/he is interested in. Lay interesting toys at just a short distance from your almost-crawler. See if she is able to move herself toward these objects.

Taimiya Ammar - January 19, 2020

Allhumdullah my bby is v
Actv ND he is v.mischef
He behv lyk he is v.young but he is only 8 months he strt crwal in 6 months allhumdullah Allah nzr e bad sy bachy … Amen only give attention

Samina Yousuf - January 18, 2020

By tie form pads on knee

Samina Yousuf - January 18, 2020

By tie form pads on knee

Sehrish - January 17, 2020

Crawl wd him he wud love to crawl wd u

Namiya - January 15, 2020

Put your Babies on floor it will help them to crawl easily.

Sara humayun - January 15, 2020

Act like a baby in front of him/her. Crawl in front of ur baby n encourage him/her by giving his her favorite toys😊

Zarina Kausar - January 15, 2020

To out his favourite things in front of him,so that he can crwal or move to catch the things.nd the things must be colourful or noisy like clap child start crawl to catch the empty bottle nd the bottle noise as it goes far away from him he more nd more became intrestd to catch it by wz his forat step of crawl

Hina jamal - January 15, 2020

Don’t leave your child in attended , being a mother u r on duty like a soldier on border to face the danger before your baby get hurt .

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