Call 911-CUPID : Love is Haraam!

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Love is Haram??

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Some have booked a nice night out with their loved ones, some are having dinner with their better half and some are spending it as any other, ordinary, day. Question is, what are we Pakistanis doing?

Valentine's Day Pakistan


Let’s see, some of us are taking the day to hang out with friends, we love them too right? Some of us are spending it by wearing red, because why not? A few are naming it anti-valentine’s day and wearing black for it, to each his own right?

Then others are posting and sharing videos explaining what Valentine’s Day is. Wrong, extremely vulgar and largely spun out of proportion explanations. There are a few things to be noted here:


1. Valentine’s Day was never only about romantic relationships.
2. It is not a religious holiday despite popular belief.
3. Love is something to be celebrated every day so what harm is it to devote a whole day to it? A little decoration and reminder of love in our lives only does good to those who wish to strengthen bonds.
4. The day is not, at any cost, about vulgarity between two persons of opposite gender. So don’t make the day about what it is not. The above-said actions could take place on any normal day too, if wanted.
Valentine day history


If you look into Christian history, St Valentine was a priest who, in the era of polygamy and adultery being popular, promoted marriage inside churches. He was imprisoned and beheaded for sanctioning a church marriage, in hiding from Emperor Claudius. Therefore, every year on this day his memory was celebrated through celebration of love. Nothing religious about it, unless you count in the fact that he was a Christian.

Celebration of affection can be between family and friends too. So every time you hear something like “Say no to Valentines” or “Anti-Valentines”, you know what bullocks it is. Pray that cupid gets them hard!

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