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Cubby - a gateway to employee success

Cubby - a gateway to employee success

In September 2017,  I started working with Cubby. I was appointed as a Communication Officer. In its early days, Cubby was working on a vendor based structure, where the platform was open for multiple vendors to sell their products. This was running as a commission-based business.

At the start, our main focus was to gather as many vendors as we could in order to expand the platform as a multi-brand E-store for kids' goods. It was a whole package of learning and self-grooming as I was handling the communication, not only with the customers of the website, but also with all affiliated vendors. Customers handling along with building and managing relationships with vendors was a incredible experience. Soon after gaining a firm grip over the communications, I started working within the operations and with the help of my line manager, we started working on our weak points. After a year and half, our management realized that working solely on a vendor based structure is not enough. Thereon we started finding wholesalers of related goods in our local market. Once the management had built relationships with these wholesalers, I was assigned with the responsibility of procurement as well as looking after the accounts of the company. That decision was a turning point for the company as well as for me. Yes, we started to achieve our monthly targets. My typical day at work included procurement, controlling our inventory and managing accounts for over a year.
After two and a half years of working with Cubby, I was promoted to Accounting and Control department. Currently, I'm looking after all the accounts of the company. Also, I am identifying loopholes and errors in our Operations and communications department on a daily basis.
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