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Cubby - a gateway to employee success

Cubby - a gateway to employee success

I joined cubby on the 15th of February 2019 as a graphic designer.
As a new employee my main duties were to design all creatives I.e. posts for social mediums, photography, videography and for the websites.

After 6 months I was given and trained to handle social media plaforms as well. For the initial year all content development and social media handling increased the urge in me to further enhance my skills and
learn advertising and marketing skills aswell.

After a year i was promoted as a manager marketing. This management experience gave me the confidence to persue my career in marketing and advertising.

I was fully trained on how to run campains and ads on various social medium as well as google. I was given a team to manage and execute the campaigns and other marketing activities. During this year I was also given the apportunity to manage human resources as a department, conducting team building events and other HR related activities .

I can now say that i am a hybrid with in depth knowledge of ony graphic designing but marketing, advertising and HR
aswell. Within these two years Cubby has really helped in enhancing my knowldge and skills in various disciplines. I was allowed to explore the areas where I always wanted to excel but had a limited knowldge.

I believe such culture will further help me grow and excel.
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