Planet X

  • Rs.2,499.00

Let your child experience hours of fun with this interesting 2-in-1 Scienceoset. This will allow them to get a great view of the night time wonders and also help them to excel in their chemistry experiments
Telescope And Microscope Combo Set For Kids
100x, 200x & 450x With height variation of 10mm, 20x, 30x and 40x With Objective Diameter Of 50mm With Focal Length Of 170 mm
Battery Operated
Uses 2 "AA" Batteries (Not Included)
It offers three different magnifications for the microscope - 100x, 200x and 450x. It has an up and down height variation of 10mm.
The Microscope set comprises of plastic ware, blank labels, tweezer, 5 glass pieces and 2 collection bottles
The field lens and focus can be adjusted as per convenience
The microscopic structure includes eye-piece, draw tube, diopter hand wheel, conversion equipment, field lens, object stage, plane mirror, microscope arm and base
The Telescope has an objective diameter of 50mm with focal length of 170 mm
It offers a 360 degree rotatable angle with magnification of 20x, 30x and 40x
The focal length can be adjusted as per convenience
The Telescope structure includes objective lens cover, drawtube, focus adjustor, reflector, eyepiece cover, tripod, view angle adjustor
Suitable Age 8 and above

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