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4pcs/kit Kids Toothbrush

Original price Rs.750.00
Current price Rs.499.00


Comfortable silicone + PP material handle, suction cup base, convenient for baby to put, hand-applied design, cute cartoon shape, let the baby fall in love with brushing teeth.

14cm long brush body, comfortable grip is easier to clean, according to ergonomic design, feel more comfortable and fit the hand curvature, easy to care for the teeth

Dust-proof toothbrush cover design, effectively isolates bacterial dust, strengthens the design of toothbrush sleeve, easily protects the bristles from effectively isolating bacteria and pollution, and is not easy to accumulate water

Product Name: Children's Cartoon Toothbrush (4 Pack)

Product size: bristles are about 1cm long

Product weight: Panda models about: 55 grams / rabbits about: 65 grams

Product material: handle silicone + PP, bristled nylon

Whether the color is optional: as shown


Soft and sharp brushed silk gently treats each tooth, upgrades the little helper

Compact brush head design, no residue in place, small brush head can be used to clean every corner of the mouth with ease and no residue

Soft sharpened bristles


Package Included:

4* toothbrush