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Silicone Pacifier Step 1 (NB 5 months)
Pigeon Oral Development Pacifier System
Babies have a natural need to suck. Pacifiers satisfy their needs and soothe their emotions.
Apart from that, pacifiers also help babies learn nasal breathing. When babies begin to wean and talk, they tend to breathe through their mouths.
Unlike the nose, the mouth is not able to filter or humidify air, which means dust and infections can enter the mouth, affecting babies' immunity directly.
Pacifiers thus promote natural nasal breathing, which helps to reduce the possibility of infection through mouth-breathing.
Has a natural soft shape
Raised base of nipple facilitates sucking movement
Automatically satisfies baby's natural sucking reflex action
Has a psychologically stabilizing and calming effect on baby
Shaped and proportioned to fit comfortably in baby's mouth
Snug-fitting shield prevents accidental swallowing of pacifier
It is a professional choice and has won Japan Good design Award
Breather holes on shield for safety
Protective hood for covering the nipple when not in use