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Play tent

Original price Rs.3,000.00
Current price Rs.2,399.00


The game tent  will surely please the child and will become for him the most favorite place for games. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and disassembled does not take up much space. Perfect for plot-role-playing games.Children's play tent game house The zoo seems to be specially created for little acrobats and magicians. Bright and colorful house offers kids arrange a show for moms and dads. Rehearse with the children and invite grandparents to visit. Such a festive evening will long remain in the memory.The tent has a frame assembly method that will allow you to quickly and easily install a game house arena. Young artists can hide behind the door, which closes down on the velcro. Children's TENT GAME - new opportunities for an exciting game.

Package size, cm: 47.5 * 8 * 15
Toy size, cm: 93 * 70 * 103
Material: textiles, plastic.
Package: box.