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The lack of trust in businesses and particularly in online stores is a growing concern for the past decade. Some fake, as well as poorly run online businesses have eroded the foundation of e-commerce. Every day, aims to help alleviate the doubts in people who have difficulty in trusting the online space.

The various initiatives that we have are around, social engagement, customer engagement, transparency are all to put our customers ahead of any profits. heavily invests in local businesses by sponsoring women in need and is soon looking expand this support for workshops that house a disabled workforce. This is done with the aim to help willing workers who might struggle to find employment. Our sense of corporate social responsibility pushes us towards philanthropic engagements in helping those in need. We aim to help as many families as is possible through our sponsorship programs and hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.Sourcing our products as well as having them developed with a fair-trade policy is half the battle. In being one of Pakistan’s pioneer online store for kids we understand the troubles surrounding the consumer process. For all its ease, in shifting from a brick and mortar store to shopping online comes with its challenges. Cubby realises that making a choice over the internet can be difficult, and at times quite daunting. To help with the decision making for our clients, employs a transparent and customer focused 7 day return and exchange policy. If a product does not look like the picture, is damaged or even if a customer does not like it upon receipt, we are more than happy to exchange it or refund it.

The ease of cash on delivery allows our customers to rest easy in the fact that we will only charge them once the product has exchanged hands. This allows for our customers to keep the payment exchange process as they would with a physical store.

We welcome feedback on products as well as any step along the customer journey. Every bit of feedback, positive or negative, is dealt with high priority by our team of customer service managers. With an attempt to improve and maintain a good standard to the consumer process has invested in a strong team of well-trained personnel. A good team coupled with a strong internal system helps us in servicing what matters the most, our customers. Trust has never been more important as a corporate asset and we at are on a mission to develop trust within the e-commerce space of Pakistan. Come support us at



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